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Reports Are Saying Taylor Swift IS NOT Going To Be In The New Deadpool Movie And I Don't Know What To Believe

Sorry, Swifties! Despite internet rumors, Taylor Swift will not be dazzling the screen in Deadpool and Wolverine.

The pop superstar behind albums like The Tortured Poets Department and folklore is not in the film, Entertainment Weekly has learned exclusively. The news comes as IMAX debuted a new poster for the Marvel extravaganza on Monday that featured the two title heroes holding hands, wearing friendship bracelets like the ones that have become synonymous with Swift's massive worldwide Eras Tour.

Though Swift is not in her MCU era, for months fans have speculated that she could be in the film, with some musing she might portray the comic book character Dazzler. Rumors went into overdrive last October when Deadpool and Wolverine themselves, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, were seen attending one of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL games. They were seen with the film's director, Shawn Levy, as well as Swift, who was in attendance to root for her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

WHAT IS THE TRUTH??? WHAT ARE LIES??? I am truly stumped on this one. After chatting with Robbie Fox, we both agreed that it's a little crazy that the people over at Deadpool seem to be fueling the rumors if there isn't a chance she has at least a cameo. Just today they released a new movie poster WEARING FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS:

I would truly be surprised if she has zero involvement and everyone is just fine with like, leaning into the rumors to get the Swifties to the theater. She and Ryan are of course, besties, but even still! Its hard to argue after she brought Ryan, Hugh AND Shawn Levy to that football game that she wasn't at least around for the discussions of the movie. I'm completely stumped. I think there have been enough playful hints to tell us that she is, somehow, going to be relevant for the release but as always, we are ultimately in the dark. Despite this report (which isn't a usual trusted source for Taylor info, Entertainment Tonight is the realest) I'm going to keep the door open on my hopes a little longer. Maybe we get a song for the soundtrack? Maybe Deadpool will feature one of her songs...maybe a song from Reputation??? How can I clown harder?? 

Fingers crossed it all ends up being something fun at least, because it'll be totally weird if she is nowhere to be found.