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Dan Hurley Embarrassing The Lakers And Making Them Look Like Fools Is AWESOME For College Basketball

There it is, the moment we were waiting for. Hurley turning down 6-years, $70 million from the Lakers to come back to UConn. This wasn't the leverage play, the leverage play was the Kentucky job (fuck). He was going to get a ridiculous contract extension no matter what this offseason. But for the last 4 days we were all on Hurley watch. Every report came out saying something different, some started saying he was leaning to leaving, had a meeting with them on Friday, was at Billy Joel. No one knew what the fuck was going on besides Hurley, his wife and maybe his dad. 

This isn't about the Lakers though or even the fact Hurley will eventually coach the Knicks. This is about college basketball. Hurley coming back is monumental for the sport right now. It's no secret that people know college basketball by coaches. You hear Michigan State, you think Izzo. You hear UConn you now think Hurley. So on and so on. Getting the back-to-back national title to return to UConn, with a top-5 team and you now get more attention on the sport. Good for us who live and die with the sport. 

Hurley is good for college basketball. He's the sort of coach anyone in our late 30s and older think of. He's got the lunatic personality, he's not afraid to say anything or maybe fight a fan. We need more of them in college basketball. Plus, we're entering where UConn could turn to a villain. You can't be a villain with Luke Murray or Kimani Young in charge. You become a villain with this guy. 

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Giphy Images.

The Lakers coaching search is now a shitshow. Thanks to Shams, Woj and Dan Hurley, they now gotta convince JJ Redick or someone else that they REALLY wanted them first of all. Good luck with that. Good thing coaches don't have egos at all. All I know is this is a win for college basketball, a loss for LeBron/the Lakers and that's all that matters.