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Dan Hurley Turns Down The 6 Year, $70 Mil Lakers Job And There Has Never Been A Worse Time To Be A Laker Fan

I never thought the Lakers coaching search would get to this level of publicity after rumors were that JJ was a done deal, but here we are. This had The Decision feeling all over it and of course it ends in total pain. Listen, any real Laker fan will tell you we'd rather take Mintzy to man the helm than Darvin Ham who spent more time with his hands in his pockets than drawing up a play. Who knows how the Dan Hurley experiment would have gone in LA. It's a hell of a lot of a better attempt at getting a coach to stick after what has been relative failure since Phil Jackson's 2nd tenure (minus that little ring Laker haters call Mickey Mouse). You may as well try and get the greatest coach in college basketball, throw him the bag, and see if he accepts. He did not and that shows where we're currently at in Los Angeles. What happened to the game I love?

For what it's worth, the rumors of a $100 mil contract seemed to have been wrong. I'm not sure that matters because he would have been pretty damn close if he was talking 8 year contracts anyway.

I knew they were cooked when Andrea Hurley showed up without Dan. Does she always go to practices? That was the smile and calming walk from a woman who knows she's staying home. I thought you were only a northeast family until the bright lights of Crypto Arena and coaching LeBron come calling. Again, I was wrong. When did we become this shitty small market team that would struggle to find a coach to have the best player of all time on their team? What the fuck man. 

I'd like to believe that Woj who is a good friend of Hurley's has known the decision since he made it, but out of respect kept it private until Hurley was able to address the team. What do we do from here? Get JJ who I already wrote is a horrible choice but it seems we have no other option? There's been rumors of Jay Wright and no offense to any Villanova guys but I think I'd rather just stop watching basketball. Nothing but pain.