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Charles Barkley Should Have The Right To Punch This Dude In The Face Who 'Trolled' Him By Screaming He Won Zero Rings And Is MJ's Son

So apparently this is this dude's thing. I don't know his name, nor do I care to find out. He sucks. This is supposed to be funny I guess? Screaming in Charles Barkley's face that he doesn't have a ring is only funny when Shaq does it on set. Now, Charles Barkley should have the right to punch this guy in the face. If he wants to monetize it, put it on social media or YouTube or whatever, he should have to deal with a social contract. Just a reminder, this is Charles Barkley too: 

Call me crazy, but I would not want to trifle with that man. I don't care how old he is, how happy-go-lucky he can seem. Charles Barkley will whoop your ass. You can see Barkley start to go to that place in the clip. He wants to punch this asshat in the face. He's thinking about it. He probably did what we all did - played out the scenario while we stand in the shower. Things we would have said instead or how we would have punched him instead. 

That dude is just the fucking worst. Let Chuck get 2 free minutes for the fact this guy posted the encounter. Fair is fair.