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Gene Simmons Joined Taylor Hawkins' Son (And His Band Chevy Metal) On Stage Last Night

I thought this video was awesome and worth sharing for a plethora of reasons.

One, because it's Gene Simmons getting on stage (for the first time since KISS retired) at 74 years old and rockin out to 'Duece' in a small club. That's awesome in-and-of-itself. Two, because it's Gene Simmons getting on stage with Chevy Metal, the Taylor Hawkins-founded cover band that his son Shane has taken on the mantle of; and three - because that's the fastest Gene Simmons has played 'Duece' since the late 80s. Straight up WARP SPEED 'Duece'!

Giphy Images.

That Shane Hawkins tempo is like a runaway train at times, but that explosive/in your face energy is a big part of what makes him such a great drummer right now. He's becoming a MONSTER behind that kit quickly, too….

I love that Shane and the guys in Chevy Metal have kept this flame alive in the wake of Taylor's passing, too. It's amazing to see Shane's progression show to show and beautiful to see Taylor's friends playing with his son. 

Here's their entire setlist from last night, which looks like one hell of a show….


Here's to hoping they hit the East Coast soon! I'll be there if so!