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Negotiation Masterclass: Rob McElhenney Is Trying To Convince Gareth Bale To Sign With Wrexham By Offering Him The Ability To Skip Practice To Go Golf

This right here is how you negotiate. Wrexham gets promoted to League One and know they need some more help off the bench. One of the best players of this era is out there 'retired' and know they only need him for a few minutes so often. How do you convince him to join you? You let him golf, something Bale loves to do and is actually good at. Legit good, not one of those athletes who you're surprised can hit a ball. 

It's not like Bale needs to practice. Get on the pitch, go score a goal. Simple life really. So put in the clause that Bale can skip practice as long as he shows up like once a week and plays 10 minutes and go golf. That's the ideal scenario! It's not like Bale needs money, but he can pocket some extra cash and be a hero. Another promotion to the Championship and we're looking at a legit story here from Wrexham. Bale can help with that, maybe. At least worth a shot. 

I don't care who you are, this is the dream job. Go play a few minutes of soccer and then hit the links. You know Bale isn't playing some bum tracks either. He's playing the finest of courses and this won't stop that. Get Bale to Wrexham and have him use McElhenney's genius offer.