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Dragons Are Coming: The Sight Of GIGANTIC Banners From House Of The Dragon Popping Up Around The World Before Season 2 Premieres On Sunday Night Is Majestic As Fuck

Good lord! Now THAT is how you build up hype for a show. The marketing team may have dropped the ball but dropping all hints of the legendary HBO name from the MAX app. But they completely redeemed themselves with whatever AI magic they rolled out here.

I never knew a bridge in New York City or a gondola in Brazil could look like they belong in a fictional medieval show about fire-breathing dragons. Yet you could tell me those videos were pulled right out of Westeros if you removed the cars, lights, and whatever the hell powers gondolas and my dumb brain would believe you (in my head canon, the gondola takes you to the Vail where that little sickly nerd was sucking on his mama's titties while dropping people out of the Moon Door). 

I love that the Brooklyn Bridge is Team Green since I always figured a lot of the freakiest shit in the five boroughs took place in the borough where Large grew up while Brazil being Team Green checks out with their reputation on the internet. Because make no mistake about it, if you are flying a green banner, you are essentially flying a freak flag since that's all those sick fucks have on their squad. 

Also shout out to the Dragons marketing team for spurning that front-running asshole known as The Empire State Building for this promotion since you know his overgrown ass would be switching teams like Kevin Durant every other scene.


The Calgary Tower would NEVER!

It's crazy to think that before House of the Dragons premiered, we all questioned whether or not it was going to be good because of how Benioff & Weiss crash landed the ending for Thrones. Then the first episode dropped, which reminded us how much fun it is to watch graphic murder, gratuitous nudity, ruthless polilticking, and of course dragons doing awesome dragon shit.

My only note for Season 1 was less childbirth scenes. And by less I mean no more at all, because that shit was more haunting than all of the fucked up shit I have seen George R.R. Martin's brain churn out combined, which is clearly saying something.

I have no clue what we have in store for Season 2, but based on early reviews it sounds like it's going to be another round of pure chaos. So make sure you subscribe then join KFC, Robbie, Nick, and myself on Game of Stools every Sunday night for live reactions to whatever carnage just went down on our TVs.