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Will Smith Going To 'Bad Boys: Ride Or Die' With The Common Folk Was Awesome

Saw this over the weekend and absolutely loved it. Will Smith has been getting it from every angle ever since "The Slap". He got labeled a loose cannon, banned from the Oscars has to repair his image etc etc. Well there's no better way to repair your image than by being a man of the people, which is exactly what he did here. 

Being a movie star and going to your own movie is the definition of not forgetting where you came from. It's also a super rare act. I remember watching one of those MTV shows where they followed someone around for a week and Adam Sandler went to the movies to see his trailer premiere, but I've never seen a star, especially a star like Will Smith go attend a movie with regular people like this. It was awesome and I wish more people would do it because it shows they give a shit about their fans out there supporting them, especially on an opening weekend. Awesome video. 

Would be failing if I didn't mention the one movie star who did do this first ... the one and only Vinny Chase.