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Decent Year: Scottie Scheffler Has Made $24 Million Playing Golf This Year, Already Shattered The Record With 3 Months Still Left In The Season

We can talk about peak Tiger and there was nothing like peak Tiger, but what Scottie is doing this year should have us putting him right there too. It doesn't matter how you look at it, all Scottie does is tee off and make about $2 million per tournament. Decent. Shit, he didn't even play *great* and still held off Morikawa yesterday for his 5th win before the US Open. 

Hell over the last 2 months the only two tournaments he didn't win that he played in was because he was facing a felony. Only golfer in the world where that sentence applies, maybe ever? Oh and I should mention those two tournaments (PGA Championship, Charles Schwab) he still finished top-10. Dude is unreal. I mean he makes THIS look normal and frankly it's bullshit because when I do this shot, I have throbbing pain throughout my leg and a 42-yard duck hook. 


I know purses are higher than ever, but Scottie is still the one winning these tournaments. He still has 2 majors, another elevated event and the FedEx Cup Playoffs. If he won over $40 million this year I don't think anyone will be shocked with how he's playing. Everything is working out for him and he's even doing this as a new dad. I can say this from experience, dads don't know shit about what's happening after a kid is born. You're just constantly changing diapers and holding like 14 pounds. Best golfer in the world and it ain't close right now.