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The Indiana Fever Coach Needs To Issue An Apology For Revealing That Caitlin Clark Texted Her "Coach, They Woke A Monster"

^ Great rant.

So obviously the WNBA has been talked about more in the last two weeks than it has been talked about in the previous two hundred years. Everyone and their Father-In-Law that has never watched a second of "the W" in their life has an opinion on Chennedy Carter brutally assaulting Caitlin Clark, how Angel Reese celebrated the hit like she won the jackpot on Bingo Night, how Chennedy said all Caitlin can do is shoot, Chennedy's rap sheet, and now how Caitlin has been left off Team USA for the Olympics.

Let me say this: one thing that is not talked about enough is that while the entire planet runs wild with their takes on the issue, Caitlin Clark continues to take the high road in her press conferences EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Humble. Classy. Professional. And never anything but the most grateful, respectful, kind interview despite dealing with more unwarranted hate than the other players could imagine.....which wasn't always the case this weekend in the league.

Huh? Not the point. Not the point. Back to the point.

The point here is that while Caitlin made her message clear in HER opportunity to speak on the Olympic snub, it's a damn shame the headline that came out of it was how she said "they woke a monster" for leaving her off the team. But it's not because Caitlin said that to the public, it's because her dumb ass coach did.

Bush league. You see that smirk? Did she think she was cool by breaking that news? And even if she does get a little more air time, why take something from the private to the public when you already saw Caitlin not mention it? Caitlin has clearly shown that even when she's wronged, which she has been multiple times recently, she doesn't showcase any frustration. She always takes the high road. Every single time. 

Now, privately? I'm sure Caitlin thinks Chennedy Carter is a punk. And I'm sure she thinks Angel Reese is a liar, saying how she's a Caitlin fan but never using her actions to prove it. And I'm sure she's upset about not making the Olympic team. But she has a bigger weight of responsibility on her shoulders than anyone in the league, and she admirably acts as such. So for the Coach to air her laundry that she's upset about the snub, and now that quote will follow her and create more dissention, shame on her. The Coach owes Caitlin a private apology, and she owes a public apology to the world for misrepresenting Caitlin. 

That's my two cents on the issue.