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Yusei Kikuchi Sprinting Onto The Field To Avoid A Foul Ball And Getting Smoked By Tyler Soderstrom Is One Of The Wildest MLB Plays We've Seen In A Long Time

Only in Oakland baby, only in Oakland. This is the stuff that couldn't happen in any other ballparks or couldn't happen to any other team. It was always going to be the Athletics. Mainly because every other ballpark has legit dugouts with railings and everything, which stops players for scurrying like cockroaches when you turn on a light if a foul ball is hit towards them.

Kikuchi did seem pretty shaken up about it and was openly embarrassed.

I don't know what he was thinking and why he panicked last second. Should have just stayed in the dugout and played it safe there but I think he didn't know what to do and freaked out. Said he forgot that there wasn't a dugout railing but I'm still struggling to figure out what he was going to do if there was a railing there? Run directly into it? No clue why he did it. Like when you see a dog get the zoomies and run into a window. 

Poor Kikuchi, as embarrassed as the day is long. Obviously the Athletics weren't too thrilled with the play, from the blind eye he looked like Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. Hell maybe he was just pumped for football season? 

Again, everyone was fine, the out was called and Oakland lost. Everything is right in the world after this strange yet hilarious play. Bet Soderstrom will think twice against going over the middle like that again. Maybe this should be allowed too, like anywhere on the warning track dirt should be fair game to level someone. Will make foul balls a little more exciting? Just one of the weirder plays you'll ever see in a baseball game.