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Rodeo Bull In Oregon Launches Itself Over Fence And Into The Crowd

Well you'll never believe this but that little 6' fence? Turns out it wasn't high enough to contain this juiced up bull being chased around an enclosed space with a few hundred people all holding their phones up in the air with their flashlights on. It would appear that confusing and frustrating the shit out of a giant beast with a bunch of people 5 feet away from getting plowed through isn't the safest idea of all time. 

There was a time when there wasn't any glass going around the boards at hockey games. Then the Boston Bruins went into the crowd to fight some fans at MSG and the NHL decided they should probably do something to prevent something like that from happening again. So they put some big ass panes of glass around the boards and now you can't just jump into the crowd any time you get pissed off. The rodeo might want to go ahead and do the same thing. 

The good news is that it doesn't sound like anyone suffered any life-threatening injuries. The bad news is the bull still took a few people out along the way. 

Associated Press -- The Sisters Rodeo Association issued a statement Sunday saying three people were injured “as a direct result of the bull, two of whom were transported to a local hospital,” KTVZ-TV reported. Rodeo livestock professionals secured the bull next to livestock holding pens and placed it in a pen, the association said.

Deschutes County sheriff’s Sergeant Joshua Spano said several ambulances were called to the scene. Deputies transported one patient with non-life-threatening injuries to a hospital, and a deputy also sustained minor injuries when responding to the bull’s escape, Lt. Jayson Janes told KTVZ on Sunday.

I hope that fella makes a full recovery, but all things considered he took that like a champ. That bull probably weighs something like 1500 lbs of pure muscle. You come away from that with your life, then you deserve the highest honor anyone can get at a rodeo. I'm not sure what that is, but at the very least it has to involve never having to buy another drink at the rodeo for the rest of your life.