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The Washington Capitals Want To Ruin Everybody's Life, Are Purchasing The Website 'CapFriendly' And Closing It Down In July

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

Sportsnet -- It won’t happen until July, but according to multiple sources, the Washington Capitals have reached an agreement to purchase the outstanding CapFriendly website. 

These same sources stressed that both the Capitals and CapFriendly wanted the site to be publicly available and independently operated through the 2024 NHL Draft and the start of free agency, so it is not expected the sale will be official until at least July 5. 

…You can definitely see why a team would want this infrastructure. After the transaction officially closes, the website will go dark.

You want to know who else loves the color red and controlling vital information from the public? The Soviet Union. China. All communist regimes. And now that includes the Washington Capitals. 

If you're a fan of hockey, then you probably spend at least 30 minutes of every day on CapFriendly. Just perusing through team pages seeing what everyone's contract is looking like, checking out who the best right-handed defenseman unrestricted free agents are going to be in the summer of 2028, seeing which teams are in cap hell, comparing random contracts so you can say why your most hated team overpaid for a player that you would have loved to have on your team. 

It's the perfect website for killing time. It's the perfect website for giving yourself hope on how the Philadelphia Flyers can turn things around in the summer of 2025 once a few brutal contracts come off the books and the Flyers have 8 draft picks in the first 2 rounds over the next 2 years. 

And now the Washington Capitals are robbing that from us. Why? Because who the fuck knows why. Most likely just so other teams can't use the website when constructing trades or contracts? It seems like they're buying it just so other teams can't use it. Doesn't get much more elitist than that. 

The good news is that the site will be up until July 5th. Which gives all the nerds out there a few weeks to create a new site that does all the same shit. Which would be hilarious to figure out how much the Caps spent on the site just for a new one to pop up the moment the sale goes through. 

Sidenote: It's also totally possible the Capitals are just addicted to everything that has the word "Cap" in it. They have the CapitalOne ad decals on their helmet. Now they're purchasing CapFriendly. If I'm Quaker Oats, I'm looking to sell Cap'n Crunch by yesterday.