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HISTORY: Kentucky Ends The Pac-12 Conference Forever, Advances As America's Team To Our First Ever College World Series

Tears in my eyes watching this one boys. If there was one team to put a dagger in the heart of the Pac-12, end that conference for good and have everyone move on it would be Kentucky. A perfect sports department if you ask me. Now we get to add a trip to Omaha and the College World Series to the resume? The best just got better. 

I honestly don't know how anyone won't be rooting for Kentucky in Omaha. First trip out there with basically every other program who we're used to seeing there (minus Mintzy, who knows though). This isn't a group of NIL and transfers and incredible prospects. We have maybe one projected first round pick in the MLB Draft. We play small ball and go nuts in the dugout. We're basically what everyone wants in a baseball team with a lot of shit talking involved. 

I can't wait for America to watch Devin Burkes. Dude is awesome behind the plate. He's going to piss you off with how he'll frame a pitch, will us to a couple free strikes and then celebrate in your face. He's not the best player on this team but he's by far the most important and the most valuable. Not to mention Nick Mingione who was basically fired a couple years ago. Everyone was ready to move on, he wasn't winning, leads us to the World Series. 

All I know is I gotta find a way to get to Omaha. The jello shot board has our name on it and we're finally in the College World Series. Sorry about the Pac-12 and what not, but I love being the school to end it for good after what Larry Scott did to y'all. Fitting to go down looking though. Not sure how you do that on an 0-2 count, 2 outs in the 9th, but that's the difference between a team going to Omaha and a conference being eliminated. 

America's team is officially here and it's Kentucky baseball. You're going to love us. It's time for me to go grow the game. 

PS: Perfect game-winning play