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Parker Valby Is The Best NCAA Women's Distance Runner And A Certified Smoke


I don't know how Parker Valby hasn't come across my desk yet. I didn't want to call her "The Livvy Dunne of Track and Field" because I feel that whole thing is cliche by now but it plays here in a big way. I don't know how she hasn't blown up huge but that's what we're here for because Parker Valby should 100% be on you radar. Not only is she the best collegiate runner, she's also bananas hot. 

Track and Field has gotta be better at promoting their people. And that isn't about Parker's looks, she's easily one of the best NCAA distance runners of all time. Check this out:


LetsRun - Five for five.

In the 43 years that the NCAA has sponsored women’s championships in cross country and track & field, no female distance runner had ever claimed five national titles across a single academic year. That is, until Parker Valby won the outdoor 5,000-meter title at Hayward Field on Saturday. And because this is Valby, she broke the meet and collegiate record as well, clocking 14:52.18, a slight improvement on the previous NCAA record of 14:52.79 set by — you guessed it — Parker Valby at the NCAA indoor championships three months ago.

And while Valby’s collegiate records of 14:52.18 and 30:50.43 may eventually be broken (though with cushions of 9 and 27 seconds, respectively, on second place, that could take a while), she will forever be the first NCAA woman to blast through the 15:00 barrier for 5,000 and 31:00 barrier for 10,000. This is an athlete, and a season, that will live long in the memory.


She's insane. She is the NCAA record holder for the indoor 5000m, outdoor 5000m, and outdoor 10000m. All she does is win.



Running sub 15s in 5ks, just crazy. 


I don't know if she is now going to the Olympics or what, but we gotta start paying attention to Parker Valby. And NOT because she's a smoke! Because she's fucking awesome.