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Fair Or Foul: Anthony Richardson Going Under Anesthesia To Get A Full Back Tattoo


Going under anesthesia aka being put to sleep to get tattoos is the new hotness for super rich people. Post Malone did it, Dak Prescott did it, and Deshaun Watson did it, to name 3 recent ones. 

But the question is- is that cheating the game? Is part of getting the tattoo the pain that comes with it? Should you have to *earn* the tattoo? 

I see both sides of it- I understand it for pro athletes, they only have so much time in the offseason to get inked and for it to heal. They sweat way too much in-season to risk getting these massive pieces done a little at a time. So if they can get anesthesia and bang it all out at once, it limits the healing time and they don't need to go back for a bunch of different sessions. Honestly, it's practical. 

And obviously the other side is people argue it makes you a pussy. You get knocked out with that gooooood stuff and wake up fully tattooed without ever feeling a zillion needles pummeling your skin. Some say that's part of the art of the tattoo, feeling the entire thing and that you're cheating the system if you skip that part. Is it really getting a tattoo if you speed run the entire thing while in a deep sleep? 

I'll say this- if I had the $30k or so it costs to go under, I'd do it. What's the point of money if you aren't using it on shit like this? I kinda buy Anthony Richardson's argument- he did his time. He's done the pain. Now that he can afford to skip that part, fuck it, more power to him. Commoners like you and I have to admit we are a little bitter that the rich people can take the anesthesia route. 

On the other hand, that is a risky game. Anesthesia is wild. You're basically teetering on death the entire time. So while getting tattooed, the anesthesiologist is monitoring your dosage and keeping you alive. It's pretty wild. 

And as for this tattoo in particular, when he gets to the "ichy stage" of the tattoo, his entire back is gonna be in hell. I'm sure he'll have someone lotioning that bad boy, but still, that itchy stage sucks.

So what do you think? Kosher to go under, or a pussy move?


PS: As for the tattoo itself, getting the NFL Shield obviously I would say is lame, but I suppose if you work your entire life to be a starting QB in the NFL and you make it there, the tattoo becomes much less lame. Love the 4 aces/wad of cash/roulette wheel though. Crazy good tattoo overall.