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Live Streamer Tries To Troll A Gym Bro By Taking His Hat, Promptly Finds Out Why You Shouldn't Touch A Bald Guy's Hat

This video went viral over the weekend and after talking to some of the balds, this reaction may be completely justified by Bradley Martyn here. Trying to take a bald guy's hat is legitimately a death wish for any single human that has no hair on the top of their scalp. It's probably one of the greatest insecurities a man could have so you're truly playing with fire. I've known Bald Paul for like 6 years now and I don't think I've ever seen him without a hat. Imagine if someone revealed that shiny scalp of his without his consent? That's the type of stuff that starts wars. 

The streamer's reaction was all-time being like "oh damn chill out man" after he completely initiated it for laughs on his live stream. That's just the world we live in these days if you have a justified response to live streamers who go around and troll all day. I'd be thanking my lucky stars that I didn't get the brakes beat out of me and all you got away with was a slap from a guy who is double your weight and shredded beyond belief.

For some context, he did this at the beginning of their workout that they came to do with the guy who slapped them, who also owns the gym. Somehow someway, they apparently got over the slap and he still stayed and got in a few reps. But the real story is to look at how respectful they were after the slap:

All I got here is that bullying works and that we should probably slap up some live streamers some more. Remember when we had one of those at Barstool and he had the highest selling gaming jersey in Barstool history (4 orders) and bragged about it on social media? Good ole days.