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There Are Roughly 4,000 Different Dan Hurley Reports And Basically No One Has Any Clue What The Hell Is Going On

I don't know how anyone in the world missed this news, but just to play it safe Thursday morning Woj put out a tweet that the Lakers are basically all-in on trying to hire Dan Hurley. We know he met with the Lakers on Friday. Since then? There are somewhere in the thousands range of Dan Hurley reports, some saying he's a Laker, some saying he's at UConn, some saying he's waiting out Thibs for the Knicks. Can't blame him there. Big East guy coaching Big East All-Star team sounds good to me at some point in life. 

What we do know is he loves Billy Joel. 

Him, his wife and Luke Murray hitting up MSG to see Billy is just a smart decision. Why worry about your next career move when you can catch Billy Joel in the Garden. Not sure how to feel about Hurley being a band t-shirt guy at the concert, but that's a very Hurley move. Speaking of his wife, we had this report: 

So there's someone saying he's going back to UConn. Who knows, he may be right. Everyone is just guessing right now. There was supposed to be a meeting with UConn today and, well,: 

People really reading into that. Some saying giving UConn some time to counteroffer, up their offer, whatever. Some saying he's just finishing up the details with the Lakers so it's reported after Game 2. I think he might just be hungover. No one wants to do a meeting good or bad dealing with a post-concert hangover. There's also this: 


That sounds about right. You don't offer Hurley some mid-level contract to get him to leave UConn for the other side of the country. So to recap, the decision will be made today, or maybe tomorrow. He might be going to the Lakers, but he also might stay at UConn. Hell, his wife also might make the decision for him. Nobody knows. It's a fascinating coaching search because of that. Everyone is guessing at a 50/50 call. He has a chance to 3-peat, first since Wooden. He can be an all-time great college coach and eventually take another NBA job. Or he can take the Lakers job, even if he fails, get a blueblood college offer again like Pitino. 

I do expect Woj to break the news though. He's connected to the Hurley family, he had the original report. He's going to be the one most likely to eventually say it. We're on day 3 of basically Hurley watch. The original report was it'd be done by this weekend and now no one knows.