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Steph Curry Has Made It Clear That Even Normal People Are Not Safe From His "Night Night" Celebration

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Of all the players in the NBA, I'm not sure there is a more terrifying opponent to watch your favorite team face than Steph Curry. Every second he's on the court is stressful. All of the off ball movement and the never ending threat of destruction, every time he has the ball you can't help but hold your breath because at any moment you know Steph has the capability of pulling up and burying dagger three after dagger three right in your eyeball. 

When Steph is on a roll and he finally delivers the death blow? We all know what comes next. The Night Night celebration. Nothing, and I mean nothing gives you more of a defeated feeling than seeing Steph bust that celebration out. For the rest of my life every single time I close my eyes I will see this celebration by Steph in Game 6 of the 2022 Finals. He wasn't lying, it was curtains for the series and the championship once he made that corner three. 

Of all the player celebrations we see, nothing comes close to Steph's Night Night 

it's just so deflating. You feel that shit in your bones whenever it happens to you, and I'm not sure there's any other player celebration that gives you that same feeling.

Like all of the greats that came before him, the reason Steph Curry is Steph Curry is largely because of the work he puts in. It's not just the videos we see come out where he makes 107 straight 3s, but also Stephs' dedication to putting in the work and hours on his Night Night celebration. 

You see, Steph is a basketball psycho. He doesn't care whether it's Game 6 of the NBA Finals or an offseason open run with normal ass people. If Steph has the opportunity to give someone the Night Night celebration, he can't help himself

As someone who watched his favorite team do nothing but play drop coverage against Steph Curry, it's probably not the best strategy from the defense in that clip to give Steph multiple wide open looks. That's Steph Curry in case they hadn't noticed. Guy's a pretty good shooter.

I'm sure some will clown Steph for busting out this celebration against a bunch of normal people, but not me. I respect the fact that Steph can't turn it off no matter who he's facing. You get in between the lines against Steph Curry, you have to be ready to deal with what comes with that, and often times that's getting the Night Night in your face. It happens to the best players in the world on a nightly basis, so you just chalk it up to an all time great being great.


Yes, it's pretty obvious I need Game 2 to start tonight. I'm losing my mind. Sue me, it's only the biggest game of the entire season and we still aren't anywhere close to tip off. Just let me blog through my nerves please, thank you.