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Dominick Reyes Picks Up His First Win Since 2019 With A HUGE First Round KO


Dominick Reyes has had such an interesting career thus far; he went into his first championship fight against Jon Jones as a 12-0 light heavyweight, and arguably defeated the GOAT (but didn't get the decision) - but then he got viciously knocked out three times in a row. Don't get me wrong, Reyes had his moments in fights he was KO'd in, but he was just always coming up on the wrong end of 'em in recent years, and it's been brutal to watch as a fan of his. Many have even questioned if he should be in there at all at this point.

Tonight, he faced Dustin Jacoby in a fight that probably could've been his last if he suffered another brutal knockout loss - but he locked in at the KFC Yum! Center in this co-main event and just picked up his first win since 2019! With a first round knockout no less! I can't even imagine how good that must've felt - you could see years worth of pent up relief/frustration leave his body as he celebrated on the cage. He was so happy afterwards all he could talk about was how much he wanted KFC fried chicken....

Get that man an endorsement deal, KFC! And get him back in the octagon soon, UFC! We need to keep this momentum going!

P.S. Dustin Jacoby is actually a huge Barstool Classic guy and was commenting on Trent's wholesome ass Breaking 90 post just hours before fighting tonight....

(Top comment from @thehanyakdj)

He's a great dude; hated seeing him knocked out tonight, as happy as I was for Dom Reyes. He'll be back tho. Jacoby is easily one of the more exciting fighters in the division. And maybe he'll get to collab with the Fore Play boys soon.