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Brunno Ferreira HULK SMASHES His Way To A Spinning Back Elbow KO Victory

You know, after 9 of the 12 fights featured on UFC 302 went to decision last weekend, and the first SIX fights on the prelims were determined by the judges tonight - I was starting to get worried. Worried we had a KO slump on our hands. It had been three weeks since the last knockout in the octagon, and the Louisville crowd was starting to get antsy with me!

Thankfully, though, Carlos Prates got the ball rolling earlier, and Zach Reese/Brunno Ferreira kept it going - turning this into a pretty entertaining card! This spinning back elbow from Ferreira over Dustin Stoltzfus is probably the nastiest knockout we've seen all night, and I can't even rewatch it without cringing at the sound it made. That thing cracked off the face of Stoltzfus like a whip! It goes down as the eighth spinning back elbow knockout in UFC history, I believe, with our pal Meatball Molly laying claim to the fourth and fifth spots on that list.

Oh, and speaking of Meatball Molly, she took BP with Paddy and the Mets this week....

....and went to the game today with their videographer Blaise (former Barstool Gametime producer) - who shit all over the Mets to an NBC Sports reporter....

Pretty hilarious. Just a little over a month til Paddy/Molly fight again at UFC 304 - but I digress! Back to Brunno!

Ferreira hit his signature "HULK SMASH" celebration afterwards, and was of course fired up after the huge win - hopefully on his way to a $50k bonus….


Hell of a win for a guy who named himself after one of Stan Lee/Jack Kirby's greatest creations.

Ollie Millington. Getty Images.