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Zachary Reese Starches Julian Marquez In Just 20 Seconds At UFC Louisville

Zach Reese is 6-1 in his early MMA career, and has never seen the second round once. He just goes balls to the wall from the second the fight starts til the second it's called (which he considers a "White Trash" fighting style) - and Reese just followed up his disappointing UFC debut with a signature performance tonight, where he knocked out UFC vet Julian Marquez in just 20 seconds!

Part of me thinks the stoppage could've been a bit early, but then again, the slo-mo replays show Marquez was OUT from that uppercut as soon as it landed, and only came to once he hit the canvas. Tough night for him, especially knowing how much goes into each and every fight camp; brutal to only get 20 seconds in there to showcase basically nothing and get knocked silly instantly.

Reese had a lot of hype coming into the UFC, and I think this is why - a couple more of these first round finishes with quick turnarounds and he'll make a name for himself real quick.