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Gregg Berhalter Has Once Again Embarrassed Our Entire Country, More Proof It's Time To Fire Him

I don't care that it was a friendly. I don't even care that it was the first match without Dest and trying to figure out what to do. We fielded a close to normal starting XI. This is the sort of shit we would do and why does it matter? We're a couple weeks out from Copa America, being played in this very here country. Arguably the most important tournament for Berhalter, because if we fail, you need to fire him. There's no way you can go into the 2026 World Cup with a Berhalter failure at the World Cup.

Oh and why was it an embarrassment? Here you go: 

This group is too talented for this sort of shit. This isn't same old American soccer. Not when you have this: 


This isn't even like oh we should beat the shit out of Colombia. We should be competitive. We should be competitive at home. I don't care if it's not a super-pro American crowd, that's a whole different debate. But seriously, just play every home match in Ohio or Kansas City where we always win. This is Berhalter once again failing us. Too often a Berhalter team fails against a top team. We're great against Mexico (they also stink). We're good at beating countries we should. But against any sort of talent? Berhalter teams fail, that's a him problem. In fact, there's someone in America right now we should offer on the spot and refuse to let him leave. 

This is embarrassing as hell. You can't lose 5-1, even in a friendly. Oh and we have Brazil coming up? Can't wait! Berhalter did what he was supposed to - he made us better than Mexico, got us to the knockout stage at the World Cup. But that's his peak. That's not good enough, plain and simple. Look at these goals, some JV mistakes, some formation, some bad luck. Either way, it's the same story with Berhalter.