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I'd Rather Take A Cannonball To The Gut Than This Knee

After UFC Louisville opened up with six straight decisions, Carlos Prates just delivered a much needed KO in his fight against Charles Radtke - and it was a devastating knee to the body that did it. It came at the end of the first round, hit directly on the liver, and sent Radtke to the canvas so quickly it was like his body went into shutdown/restart mode instantly. 

I don't even want to imagine the level of pain that brings to the belly (right after eating chicken tenders/onion rings/funnel cake no less!) considering how long Radtke was down, but possibly worse than the KO is getting griddy'd on afterwards....

That's hard to come back from - a TikTok dance so stupid it could bury you six feet deep. It almost feels like the 2024 teabag in how often it's threatened in Call of Duty lobbies. Tough night for Chuck Buffalo.

P.S. Roku released this 'Inside the UFC' show yesterday that is pretty awesome as far as showing the inner workings of Dana White and the matchmakers - I'll include some clips below but highly recommend making a Roku account to watch it....