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Apparently The New Utah NHL Franchise Is Asking For Players Snapchat Scores and Uber Ratings At The Draft Combine

Look I don't run a professional sports franchise, nor have I ever been a Draft prospect since registering with the Selective Service at age 18, so I will admit that I am SPECULATING on both ends here. But what the fuck.....? I guess I'll start with the player side first because I have been through a job interview process before. And my question here is very simple: what happens if you say, when asked what your Snapchat score and your Uber rating are, that it's none of your fucking business? 

Now don't get me wrong, I understand these players are trying to put their best foot forward in hopes of getting drafted, so they can get paid a whole lot of money to play a child's game. And I get that it would probably hinder their hopes to do so, unless they were a shoe-in pick, to be an asshole in the interview process. But I for one think those two questions are such roundabout ways to find out a tiny bit about a guys character (maybe?) that perhaps it would send a stronger message to the people asking the questions how little you think that matters toward playing hockey.

I actually think a team would respect it. And if they didn't? I wouldn't want to play for that type of leadership anyways. Snap scores and Uber ratings? It'd be one thing if these numbers truly reflected on something, but they both don't matter at all, and they both can be totally skewed.

I'm assuming the Uber rating question askers thought they were super clever, assuming that an Uber rating shows you the true character of a player because of how they treat a member of the service industry. A couple notes on that: (1) My Uber rating has gone up substantially since my college days, seeing as one minor throw up by a friend in the back seat on the way home from a bar can totally fuck you even if she won't be later. But (2) does a high Uber rating really turn these front office members on and does a lower one (below 4....?) really make you undraftable? Are they going to track down the Uber drivers that gave the low scores and see exactly went down in the back seat that night? Because newsflash: sometimes the Uber driver isn't the highest of character person either.

It's simply a stupid question and the franchise asking it should be exposed. Thankfully, they have been:

Does this mean they were the Snapchat score team as well? Because that question is even dumber and if it was, they should lose the franchise coming to Utah next season. Snapchat scores, for those of you over the age of 18, go up when you send and/or receive a snapchat. And for those of you over the age of 25, you may not realize that using snapchat to send pictures, or more so the chat feature that deletes after closing the app, is the preferred method of communication for teenagers these days. So a lot of them probably have really high scores. And is Utah saying that is.......bad? They're on their phone a lot? Idk, I would imagine the NBA prospects have really high snap scores too. And the NFL ones. And the MLB ones. But again, the score is a misleading statistic here too. I'm assuming the thought was they don't want someone addicted to their phone and rather someone who focuses on HOCKEY. But what if the player uses good ol' fashioned text messaging to communicate with their friends and/or girls? I just don't see how a franchise, who only gets a certain amount of time with these prospects, comes up with such clown ass questions. If I'm a prospect, I would NOT want to go to Utah (probably didn't before this anyways).