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Bryce Harper Goes Yard In London And Hits The UK With The A Soccer Celly Fit For A King


Sorry not sorry Shakespeare, Churchill, and The Spice Girls. This is now Bryce's island. Just thank GOD both ACL's didn't explode at the speed of sound the on that UK baseball dirt. But you gotta love to love it. Bryce Longshanks ends the day with a triple shy of the cycle as the Phillies PUMMELL the Mets across the pond 7-2. 

Ranger Big Ol' Nuts Suarez didn't look as sharp as he had all year (tough to keep that .80 WHIP every start) but enough was enough for his MLB leading 10th win of the season. Also, give it up to Sir Whit and Beefeater Nick on attempting to hit baseballs back across the Atlantic, as well. 

London Series ends tomorrow morning(!!!) at 10:20 EST as the Phillies go for another SWEEP over the NYM. That sure is swell. Maybe the Mets should've done everything they could to promote the series. Karma's a bitch, Stevie Cohen. Well, only in the baseball world, apparently. Karma conveniently ignores SEC crimes and jail time for billionaires.