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USA TODAY Sports Is Reporting That A Factor In Holding Caitlin Clark Off Team USA Was That "Team USA Veterans" Were Concerned With How "Millions Of Fans" Would React To Clark's Limited Playing Time

Listen, it's a Saturday afternoon and the entire Internet is breaking over Caitlin Clark not making the national team for the Olympics.  The Mets play in London in an hour and legitimately no one cares. Anyway, what is this report?! I don't even know what Team USA veterans means but I assume this means one of the coaching staff that have been there forever or someone involved in making decisions. Say their names! 

This reeks of jealousy from the old heads of women's basketball. Brennan hit it right on the nail, if the report is true, they're basically just saying that they're incredibly intimidated by Clark and what she's bringing to the table. I don't want to glaze Boss Man, but he can put topics about Caitlin Clark more eloquently than the rest of us:

For the record, the team is absolutely stacked and every player on that team (minus Taurasi, who is clearly a legacy bid which is a different blog for a different time) is probably better than Caitlin Clark at the moment:

You still put her on that team for every single reason Dave listed, every single reason the Internet is listing, and ultimately because you need to grow the game. Is there precedent for someone getting added to the team after the whole Internet outrages that they met the criteria, but weren't selected? I don't know, and this may be the first time we see it, but roll the classic clip!