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Don't Tell Angel Reese But The 0-11 Washington Mystics Hosted The Largest WNBA Crowd In 17 Years Because Caitlin Clark Was In Town

The Angel Reese Effect!!!!!

Yeah, I want a little violence this morning. Because as an early member of Team Caitlin, last night proved the despicable, jealous, and flat out lying-to-themselves doubters (specifically two of them) very wrong. Let's start with Caitlin's biggest fan (at least that's what she tells the media), and the face of the league herself, Ms. Angel Reese.

Let's run some numbers:

The very night before, literally one day ago, Angel's Chicago Sky played at the 0-10 Washington Mystics and the reported attendance was....10,000. I'm not going to focus on it too much, but the fact that the attendance was exactly 10,000 on the dot is very funny / fishy, but that's not the point.

The point is the the very next night, the Indiana Fever came to town with their 2-9 record, squared off with the 0-10 Mystics, and sold out the very same upgraded arena of 20,333 for the largest crowd in the WNBA in 17 years. More than double the crowd of the Chicago Sky game. I mean, if every single person at the Sky game, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, brought a still wouldn't have broken Caitlin's attendance.But don't let the facts get in the way Angel! This is a 2-man show!!!!

Okay, next victim (especially if you factor in the horrible tragedy and harassment she had to deal with the other day of having 1 camera man ask her if she's apologized to Caitlin). Remember when Chennedy Carter said all Caitlin can do is shoot 3s?

That's when you know this real hatred. Because Caitlin Clark is a flat out hooper, and she does MUCH MORE than just shoot 3s. Exhibit #1783729: 

What are REB, AST, and STL? As a Caitlin fan, I only know the statistic of 3PM (of which she hit 7 more, upping her total to 34 on the season). Chennedy Carter has 2 on the year, for reference.