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Golf Guy: Scottie Scheffler Spent His Ride To Jail Talking To The Cops About How Good Tiger Is And Rory McIlroy's Police Escort To The 2012 Ryder Cup

I know another Scottie update, but this is too good not to put in a separate blog. Somehow, we got all the evidence released yesterday. We finally saw the $80 pants ruined beyond repair - inconclusive on any poop by the way. But we also got the footage from the cop car and what Scottie was talking about. You may think you'd be calm in this situation, you may be freaking out begging with the cops for anything.

Scottie? He was talking about how good Tiger is: 

Love that somehow the cop has no idea Scottie is the No. 1 golfer in the world and putting up a run we haven't seen since prime Tiger. But Tiger rules the golf world. Everyone knows Tiger. Sure, Scottie might be 'good' since he's playing in the PGA Championship but you gotta ask about Tiger when you can. Can't believe he got cut off on the answer though. Understand the situation here, cop. You gotta let Scottie talk about Tiger since it was going to get blasted all over the Internet.

If that wasn't calm enough, we have Scottie also telling the story of Rory getting his own police escort to the 2012 Ryder Cup because he overslept. 

Still can't believe that Miracle at Medinah, but here's the video of Rory: 

Classic Mintzy mistake of thinking Chicago was Eastern timezone. But I love this move by Scottie. Just making sure the cop knew the No. 1 golfer in the world messes up and needs some help from cops. Big brain move to throw that out there and see how they react. Should have started dropping hints that you would need one back to Valhalla. 

Still just all batshit crazy. I love that we finally got the videos of it all to show how outrageous we all thought it was. Talking about Tiger and Rory though? Classic golf guy move. This is every dad getting together and breaking down the golf they are watching. Start reminiscing about peak Tiger. Dream of playing in the Ryder Cup and oversleeping. Incredible composure by Scottie here.