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Eddie Hall Powerbombs And Knocks Out OpponentIn An Insane 2-On-1 Fight

I don't even care how stupid these internationally sanctioned circus freak fights are - that powerbomb-to-knockout combo (all while defending a takedown) was fucking sick. That was straight out of an action movie or a video game or something, but I don't even think I could've come up with that in the SmackDown vs RAW Create-A-Finisher back in the day. Just the most insane throw and perfect *bink* ever from Eddie Hall.

It appears the fight was called as soon as one of the "Neffati Brothers" (whatever that is) was knocked out, opposed to some of the other handicap matches we've blogged in the past where you'd have to finish everyone Kill Bill style, and I feel like we were robbed of another savage finish because of that. Probably for the best, though - the one brother took enough brain damage for the both of em in that fight. Imagine being them having to tell their friends about how this went afterwards, though? One brother bragging that he didn't get knocked out the whole time while the other blames him for not having his back/letting him do all the work? Tough dynamic I'm sure.

P.S. If you don't know who Eddie Hall is, he's a former World's Strongest Man guy who had a heated rivalry with Hafþór Björnsson, aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones. They built up a boxing match against each other for years, and when it finally went down in 2022, The Mountain whooped his ass....