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GRAPHIC WARNING: We Finally Have A Picture Of The 'Damaged Beyond Repair' $80 Pants Of The Cop Who Arrested Scottie Scheffler

We know about the infamous $80 pants that were ruined beyond repair from the cop who arrested Scottie Scheffler. I truly believe these will go down as the 3rd most famous article of clothing that was mentioned in some sort of court. Lewinsky's dress and OJ's glove being the clear top-2. But everyone wanted to know about these pants. Were they really ruined beyond repair? Was it poop? All valid questions, especially the second one. 

Well folks, we finally have our answer. The first picture of said pants has been released. I must warn you, it's a graphic image. It's disturbing really. With all that said, here you go. Hope you're not squeamish.

How did Scottie get away with this? I mean, those are ruined. That's a fact. Basically looks like the guy at the wedding who forgot the date and tried squeezing into pants from a couple years prior. You know exactly who I'm talking about there. Those pants get ripped at least once a wedding. Impossible to fix. $80 down the drain right here. 

 If you somehow were able to stomach that disturbing image, wait until you see the knee injury from the report. Again, graphic. We're talking up there with Willis McGahee and Kevin Ware graphic injuries. 

Can't miss that injury. You ever scrape your knee? That'll ruin a day, maybe even a weekend. Plus it's summer time, what happens if you get a little sun burn on that bad boy? You're in for a world of trouble when that happens. Basically forced to stay inside or wear pants, non-ruined, until that heals. 

These are all from some new evidence that a news station in Louisville got. This video here: 

And these pictures


Bad boy life there from Scottie. Can't believe he got those charges dropped after seeing the pants somewhat ripped. Okay, even I can't say that with a straight face. Again, the fuck were we doing here? I'm just glad we got a picture of the pants so we can see how ridiculous the whole thing truly was. Now, we just need to see the inside. Gotta put the poop rumors to bed.