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Jrue Holiday Says The Key To The Celtics Defense Is That "Even Our White Guys Can Guard"

So I'm not sure whether to classify last night's Celtics win as a Butt Kicking or an Ass Whooping -- I lean towards the former simply due to the fact that in the 3rd quarter, the Mavs did cut the lead to 8. Boston promptly pushed it back out of reach and made Dallas' big 21 point run look like nothing in the grand scheme of things, but the fact remains, there is still reason to believe this will be a good series. Boston won't shoot as well. Kyrie should play better. And Jason Kidd will make some adjustments.

However, it cannot be denied that in Game 1, it looked like the Mavs had no answer for the 5-wide, all shooters offense the Celtics can run.....and it looked like the Celtics had just the answer for the Iso Ball that Luka and Kyrie want to play. Kyrie was AWFUL, and while Luka had a nice stretch at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd, I wouldn't say he absolutely torched anyone. 

When asked about how the Celtics were able to slow down Luka, Jrue Holiday gave the Boston fans something to cherish, shouting out their own kind:

Incredible quote. And while some of the losers and haters are online playing the "what if the roles were reversed?" card, I have less than zero problem with it. For multiple reasons, led by none other than we're finally speaking in facts. That's the one thing everyone has been afraid to do with all the WNBA banter.....but Jrue Holiday talking like this has given me the free pass to do so here. Black dudes are more athletic than white dudes. White dudes under 7 foot have to be able to shoot the fucking lights out to even have a chance to see the court at the professional level. And even then, they get picked on because they're slow of foot and can't hang athletically in a league full of the best athletes in the world. But when you can construct a roster of black dudes that can shoot with white dudes that can guard, you have what it takes to cake walk your way to an NBA Championship. Jrue's words, not mind!

Bottom line: the fact that the Celtics can use their 7th / 8th man to guard the best player in the series is a huge advantage for them. And let's call it as it is, just like Jrue did: Sam Hauser gets targeted because he's a white 3 point shooter.....and he played legit possessions against the NBA Scoring Champion.