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The White Sox Have Lost A Pathetic 14 Games In A Row, Embarrassing Themselves And Their Entire Fanbase


The White Sox don't put asses in the seats. I mean that literally: 

But they also don't put asses in the internet seats, either. When you're in the click game, the White Sox are a bad business to rely on…that is, of course, unless they've just done or are in the middle of doing something embarrassing, which happens all too frequently. On the field, off the field, it doesn't matter - the White Sox have a bloodthirsty infatuation with fucking things up. 

And that's what we're doing here with this blog - capitalizing on the White Sox complete and utter ineptitude. 14 straight losses. FOURTEEN!!!! A 15-48 record. A 38.5 win pace. Chasing the broadcast STUD away to a rival. A manager who is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL BOOTLICKING ASS KISS!!!!!

“I’ve known Jerry for a year and a half,” Grifol said. “Nobody wants to win more than he does. I know that for a fact because I’m the one who gets phone calls, and I talk to him. I get text messages. He is 100% committed to winning. And he is extremely knowledgeable about the game of baseball.

Get the fuck out of my face with this shit, you complete and total fucking loser. Nobody wants to hear this shit. NOBODY. 

Oh and don't forget how the new (but completely under-qualified) broadcaster has already gotten into public fights with the local Chicago AM sports station. Don't forget about that!!! 

It's so, so embarrassing, and there's plenty more to go around, too. For instance, they're farther away from last place in the AL Central, than any 2nd place team is from taking their respective division lead, and it's only JUNE. That's how bad this is. 

For the first time in my life, I wouldn't blame people like these guys that just up abandoned ship: 


Now I'll never do this personally. I'm the captain of the Titanic - I'll sink with the ship. But I am at the point where I know a murky, seemingly everlasting abyss is all "we-who-choose-to-stay" have to look forward to for at least another half decade, so I won't blame anyone who bails for a lifeboat…so long as it's not the Cubs. Pull that move and you deserve a traitor's death and nothing less.

Anyways, I digress. Back to the point - I'm embarrassed to be a fan of this team right now. I don't wear their merchandise in public - not even hats - because I'm fearful of the obligatory, dreaded, convos I have with Barstool Chicago fans around town. 99% of people don't even point, laugh or shit talk anymore, either. They always just say, "I'm sorry man…" when the Sox come up.

I'm serious. There's no shit talk anymore, and that's a fucking problem. That is NOT how it's supposed to be. 

It completely sucks being associated with the Sox right now, and not only as a fan, but as someone who's spent 10+ years doing his best to shove the fanbase's culture (which is a fucking perfect representation of the best city in the world, Chicago IL) + team down everyone's throat via Barstool.  

I was proud to be a Sox fan. I literally would beat my chest like a silverback gorilla defending his turf from a rival tribe in their limited appearances on the big stage during that 2020-2022 stretch because I truly believe the organization when they told us to our faces that they were ready to not just stop being mediocre, but to start acting like a big boy. 

I feel guilty that I helped propagate those lies, too. It makes me feel dirty, on top of already feeling disgust, anger and again, straight up embarrassment because of them. 

That's why I posed this question this morning: 


I have no clue what they can possibly do, let alone SAY to make their product better and make their consumer base feel better. 

I'm dumbfounded.

I'm sure they'll blow smoke up our ass about Colson Montgomery's stats in May or Quero's AA performance, but FUCK THAT. They played that hand already and it didn't fucking work. 

For instance, I still talk to enough people in and around the org and the general sentiment is, "they didn't trade for Quero to be a backup" which tells me all I need to know. Nothing has changed. Instead of developing a gluttony of depth, they pencil in guys like Quero or Colas who are FAR FROM SURE THINGS. 

Obviously the one, sole fix is ownership change, but I'm convinced JR is immortal and will outlive my soul and the souls of every White Sox fan on earth he's owned like cattle for the last 20 years. 

I'm gonna get drunk and go to a couple concerts this weekend instead of taking in Sox vs. Sox at Sox Park, and that really fucking sucks. It hurts me at my core. My only question left is how much worse can it get? Because they have proven even when it seems like rock bottom, they have a new low they and will absolutely try to hit. 

Oh and don't forget about this: