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Yeah, That's About Right: Dan Campbell Compares The Lions To Ron Burgundy, Delivers An Elaborate Breakdown Of The Two

You know what? This makes all the sense in the world. Sure, Ron Burgundy might be an outdated reference, but this is Dan Campbell we're talking about. Something tells me he's not up to date on some of the new movies out there. He is who he is and that's a man who will only make references to the run of Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, Old School and Superbad. I wouldn't want Dan Campbell to be talking about Glen Powell or Unfrosted or anything in the recent years. He's too busy taking kneecaps and breaking down film. 

It also makes sense if you remember the NFC title game. They were too much 'by the script' and it cost them. That's not Dan Campbell. He needs to be on the fly, calling fake punts from his own 15 and the team needs to embrace it. But come on, there's no doubt that he walks into team meetings and stars quoting some of these movies. You know it's happening, I know it's happening. This just confirms it. 

I am curious to see who the Lions are this year. They *should* be good, but for the first time maybe ever, they have expectations. They aren't going to catch anyone off guard like they did last year. They are now a team who people probably expect to be in the playoffs, maybe even hosting home games again. That sounds weird when we're talking about the Lions but now it's just up to them not being Ron Burgundy. Not to mention, do you remember how big of a cultural phenomenon Ron Burgundy was at the peak of Anchorman? He was everywhere dressed up like him. He'd call games, do random highlights. It really might be a top-5 quoted movie too.