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#FreeAcidFarts: A Phish Fan Says He Is Banned From All MSG Venues Indefinitely For Smoking A Bong During A Phish Show On 4/20 At The Las Vegas Sphere

Billboard- A Phish fan who bragged in April about taking the “first bong hit to ever be ripped” in the Sphere — and posted a viral video of him doing so — now says he’s received a letter from Madison Square Garden Entertainment’s lawyers banning him from the venue and all other MSG facilities.

In an image of the purported letter posted to an Instagram account called @acid_farts, an attorney for MSG told the unnamed owner of the account that the company “will not tolerate actions that threaten the safety and security of our guests.”

“You knowingly violated the guest code of conduct by visibly smoking inside the venue,” wrote Christopher Schimpf, an associate general counsel at MSG, in the letter dated June 3. “In light of your conduct, you are hereby indefinitely banned from Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall … and any other MSG venue.”

The purported letter, reposted by the well-known Phish fan account called @phunkyourface, told the alleged bong-ripper that he was “not to enter into or remain in any of the MSG venues at any time in the future.” If he does so, “law enforcement will be contacted to ensure your expulsion and you will be subject to the penalties.”

Nobody wants to be banned from MSG’s venues — the company also owns New York’s Beacon Theatre and Chicago’s Chicago Theater — but such a ruling is particularly problematic for a Phish fan. Back in 2017, the band played a famous 13-night concert residency at MSG dubbed “The Baker’s Dozen,” and its New Year’s Eve concerts at the Midtown arena are an annual tradition for Phish fans. In recent years, Phish frontman Trey Anastasio has also performed at Radio City and The Beacon.

Look, I have been happy to call off the dogs in my neverending war against James Dolan and his stooges at MSG as long as he keeps his kazoo-loving mouth shut while Leon Rose cooks in the Knicks front office. But this story is so preposterous, I had to chime in. Tell'em Dude!

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How in the world are you going to ban a guy for doing drugs at a Phish show? In Las Vegas? ON 4/20 NO LESS!! That's like banning people that are praying from going to church. 

I know this guy literally told on himself by tagging The Sphere in his post. But we can't hold every single person accountable for what they do at a Phish show after ripping a bong. Once you sign Phish to do a show at your venue, you are signing up for the entire circus full of freak shows that come with it. Banning a dude from all your theaters for a little bit of weed should ban your theaters from booking Phish, Dead & Co., and every other group of that ilk (you can make a case that he should be banned for however he smuggled a bong into the show but I don't even want to think how that was possible).

Bill Walton is shaking his head from a cloud somewhere due to all of this with a tie dyed #FreeAcidFarts shirt. Do the right thing for once Dolan and lift the ban on Acid Farts!