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Versatility: Cindy Marina Goes From Derby della Madonnina To Miss Universe Duties To Reminding Us She Can Also Model

This is Cindy Marina, she's what we like to call a dual threat. Maybe even a five-tool player. She can do it all considering she was a volleyball player at USC, a former Miss Universe for Albania and now a presenter for Serie A. In fact, I made the case once we need to bring her to US television for Copa America and the World Cup. Bring her home, bring the cup home. Look at our best players, Christian Pulisic? Career year in Italy. Weston McKennie, Yunus Musah and Tim Weah, all playing in Serie A. It's the path to our success.

But this isn't necessarily a soccer blog. It's a versatility blog. Look, who else could go from Derby della Madonnina

To Miss Universe duties 

To a reminder that she can also model when she wants to 

Cindy Marina that's who. We're about to be in Draft season and this is exactly the type of prospect GM's want. Someone who can score at all 5-levels and defend. You gotta be able to switch this day in age! Same is true in the media and social game world. Can't just be someone who only talks about one thing. Can also say she has brains considering she was smart enough to transfer out of Duke and go to USC. No one wants to be a Duke grad. Gross. 

Like I said, World Cup 2026, bring her home to American TV for it