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Watching Paul Bissonnette Try To Name As Many Baseball Players As He Can Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

On today's Pardon My Take... PAUL BISSONNETTE! One of the best recurring guests that PMT has to offer joined today's show for a full Stanley Cup Final preview, who has the advantage in the series, if Canada will be rooting for the Oilers, and his official invitation to "Dingers Only."

For those unaware, this will be the second year that Pardon My Take participates in a "Dingers Only" league. The objective is simple: draft a team of MLB players who will hit the most home runs. That's the only stat that counts. One dinger = One point. The loser has to pitch to a college baseball team and attempt to get six outs against them. In case you missed it, this is how last year went...

On today's show, Biz officially joined the league, but as a huge hockey guy, how much does he actually know about baseball? Our guys asked him to attempt to name as many players as possible on today's show, and Biz answered in hilarious fashion. Take a look...

1. Bryce Harper

2. Yillich

3. Carlos Stanton

4. Oshanti Ohtani

5. The Big Dog in Anaheim (would later get Mike Trout with a hint)

BONUS: Joey Votto because he's Canadian

Just great stuff from Biz. This draft is going to be electric, and with him involved it is bound to be awesome. Great show and interview today.