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Another Day, Another Absolutely Sickening Beat at the WSOP That Will Make You Puke Up Your Breakfast


What a beautiful game. All I need to do is post that above picture and you already know what the river is. Look at that legend Erik Seidel. He's been in the game for his entire life. He's won all the money. He has all the bracelets. Doesn't have a single opp in the game. And he sitting there as a 98% favorite, knowing that the poker gods can strike their ugly fists down at any second, for any reason, and punch him right in the throat. And folks…that's exactly what they did.



Your classic 1 outter on the river. Sure, it's gotta happen every once in a while. But not like that. Not on stream. Not to Erik Seidel. That's supposed to happen in your buddy's 5 cent/10 cent game and everyone goes bananas. 

Here's the full hand:


A hand like that is the only way Dave can beat me heads up. Otherwise, it's going to be a beatdown of mass proportions. I have no idea the structure of our heads up match, (or if it'll even happen) but I know if we do play, I'm going to destroy him. He'll likely change the rules and stipulations 100 more times, and he'll probably end up blaming his bum shoulder for why he lost. I have a table and production team ready to go, but he's of course ignoring me. Hopefully we play!



Yesterday's terrible beat: