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Big Dom DiSandro Officially Can NOT Be Removed From The Eagles Sidelines This Season

BRILLIANT. And genius, as well. Remember in Casino when Sam Roethstein couldn't get a gambling license in Vegas but as long as he kept changing his imaginary job title he'd still be able to run the Tangiers Casino? Same kinda shit here, and possibly even more Mob related (if only Barstool had a Mafia themed outlet we could factcheck with). Good for both the Birds and Big Dom. 

Also, tbh, "Gameday Coaching Operations" might really come into handy if the Eagles start anywhere close to how they closed out last year. If they fall 14-0 in the first quarter to the Packers in Brazil I don't think many people would have a problem with Big Dom personally and literally sitting on Nick Sirianni to take control of the club. In Big Dom We Trust. 

It's good to know the Eagles will be protected on the sidelines all season long. Well, assuming as long as he keeps his large, beautiful Italian mitts to himself, which is a big assumption. Big Dom takes no shit off nobody, including the most gifted athletic specimens on Earth. Greenlaw was lucky to leave the Linc with just a fine. If there was nobody else between the two the LB would still be getting digested by the Big D.