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The Mystery Behind Juan Soto's Left Forearm Injury Has The Entire Yankees Fanbase Held Hostage

New York Yankees. Getty Images.

The Yankees finished off their regularly scheduled season sweep of the Minnesota Twins last night to improve to 45-19 on the year. Watching them beat the brakes off teams every night has given me joy beyond belief. Every day is awesome. It's a treat to be able to tune in every night and watch them do their thing. Considering how much of a train wreck last year was, we needed this. 

Something the fanbase didn't need? Juan Soto injured. I don't think I'm mentally stable enough to absorb a Juan Soto injury. Who am I kidding? I know I'm not mentally stable enough. 

Here's what we know. Coming out of the one hour rain delay last night, Soto exited the game for Alex Verdugo. Some hoped that this was just for defensive purposes, but that was more of a prayer than anything. It was only a three run game mid-way through, so you're not pulling Soto in that moment unless something is wrong. The Yankees eventually announced he left the game with left forearm discomfort. That sent myself and millions of fans spiraling. 


Positives: Soto has zero issues while swinging or throwing. They said he was removed out of precaution. 

Negatives: Forearm injuries are precursors for very bad things. Dr. Ahmad agreed that Soto shouldn't go back in the game. Don't love that. This has an eerily similar feeling to the Jasson Dominguez saga from late last year where he ended up needing Tommy John surgery. Boone said it was a move that was made with precaution, but he's always lying so that's actually bad for him to say that.

Here's Soto after the game. 

So what do I think after all of that? It's got to be a good thing that he doesn't have tightness while he's throwing or swinging, right? That's at least what I'm telling myself every five minutes when I begin to spiral again. The MRI will tell everything, but naturally I fear for the worst. I can't handle him needing Tommy John. My heart would give out. Things were going too well, something like this had to happen. We simply cannot have nice things. We dodged one terrifying MRI with Cole back in spring, can we do it again? If you need me I'll be surrounded by candles doing a prayer circle. 

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