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Bad News For The Rest Of The NFL: The Eagles Gave Big Dom A New Title So He's Allowed To Be On The Sidelines During Gamedays

Kevin Sabitus. Getty Images.

It's no secret that the Eagles completely lost their identity the moment that Big Dom was removed from the sidelines for the season. From the moment he got ejected from that game against San Francisco, the Birds proceeded to get their dicks ripped off their body and shoved down their own throats. They were 10-1 at that moment. And once the protective presence of Dom DiSandro left the building they had 3 straight losses, and finished up the season by losing 6 out of their final 7 games. 

You can say all you want about how the chief security officer could have that much impact on a professional football team, but there's a reason why there's only one Big Dom in the league. He's not just a security guard. He's the heart and soul of this football organization. And now he's in charge of gameday coaching operations. 

Good luck trying to toss him off the sidelines now, Roger Goodell. 

The NFL messed up this time. If you come at the king, you best not miss. The league thought they slayed the beast. They thought they took out Big Dom once and for all. Turns out, all they did was make him stronger. 

I know the end of last season was a complete and total embarrassment of a failure. But that collapse will always have an asterisks attached to it with Dom DiSandro being banned from the sidelines for that stretch. Now that can't happen anymore. Now the bad man is back. Now the Birds can get back to playing the cockiest brand of football you ever did see. Because if anyone on the other side of the field tries to step out of line, they have another thing coming.