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Magic Johnson Knows Dan Hurley Is The Perfect Lunatic, Goes On National TV And Basically Begs For Him To Be The Next Lakers Head Coach

We're basically 24 hours removed from the first Woj tweet about the Lakers trying to hire Dan Hurley. To call the fallout a bit of a shitstorm is an understatement. It took over the basketball world yesterday and still has the basketball world's full attention today. That's what happens when Game 1 is an ass kicking, at the minimum a whomping. Also what happens when you have the best college basketball coach in the country flirting with the Lakers. I hate them but the Lakers dominate headlines. Plus, this isn't a small thing or anything. The entire story of it all is fascinating. Fallout in the college basketball world and back-to-back champs UConn and what they do. The fact you still have the LeBron storyline and whether or not the Lakers draft Bronny no matter who their coach is. 

But now? Now you have Magic Johnson making a public plea for the Lakers to hire Dan Hurley. I know we all love to clown on Magic for his tweets that are usually a day late and make the AP News entertaining, but this is actually ... well put. That's the best way to describe it. You almost forget that Magic is this elite basketball mind who knows the game and knows the Lakers as good as anyone. He knows that Hurley is the perfect lunatic. 

I do find it hilarious that everyone keeps talking about whether or not his coaching style will work in the NBA. We really don't think Hurley can adapt? The dude was coaching high school basketball a little over a decade ago. He went from Wagner to URI to UConn, he can adapt. He will always be part lunatic, but he can hold it back some and know how to deal with players anywhere. It's why he's so goddamn good. That and the fact he runs some of the best offense you'll see. 

So where do we stand? Hurley is going to LA today to meet with the Lakers, a decision basically expected over the weekend

A lot of people are saying 50/50, or 60/40 leaning Lakers. No one really knows. It's not necessarily a money thing. It's what sort of control the Lakers will give him and does he want to be in the NBA/west coast. He's never coached outside of the east coast and really a small pocket of that. At UConn he has control of the program. But if Magic is going on national TV and begging for him, that's gotta mean something.