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BREAKING: This Is Not Vince Young, Despite How Much The Golf Channel Broadcast Thought It Was

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Goddammit. I thought us whites were doing so good for a while there. But the Golf Channel, of all channels, mistaking one black football guy for another has certainly set us back a decent amount. 

Part of me thinks this has to be an inside job. Someone in that production truck wants her fired, because you're telling me that nobody was able to get in her ear before starting that interview to tell her that wasn't Vince Young? I'm not saying they need to know it was Everette Sands, offensive skill specialist coach with The Citadel football team. But at the very least, someone had to know that wasn't Vince Young and that someone decided to say absolutely nothing before that interview went off. Inside job. 

Now with all that being said, Everette Sands is a great interview. The guy gets it. It doesn't matter if the broadcast crew got the wrong guy. He just loves the game and is happy to talk about golf with whoever wants to listen. Such a great guy that he'll even do the apologizing in this situation. 

By the way--this clip from Everette Sands' bio on the team page is insanity. 

"In his collegiate career, Sands carried the ball 741 times without ever being tackled behind the line of scrimmage". 

Dawg. Absolute dawg. Guy can probably hit the piss out of the ball if he really gets into one. 

P.S. -- That was not Donovan McNabb, either.