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WTF: NFL Allegedly Telling Eagles And Packers To Not WEAR GREEN In Brazil Due To The Gangs

Giphy Images.

Just when you think the NFL isn't the most hypocritical, corrupt, and greedy American sport in all the land they go ahead and try to pull a stunt like this…and totally redeem themselves!!! For those of you who don't understand colors (my condolences, Bubba), this is the Philadelphia Eagles main uniform: 

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

And this is the Packers primary uni: 

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

Pretty doggone green both ways. 

I normally would find it difficult to believe what Josh Jacobs is claiming here, but then again there ain't no greed like NFL greed. Like, really, Roger? Hiding the effects of CTE/concussions, price gouging fanbases thru the moon, fluffing your billionaire owners every way possible including encouraging franchises to take tax money to build their properties, killing God and taking his only day of rest, and now…this? You're literally putting your own teams and players in harms way buy more importantly, what the FUCK about the travelling fanbases who are there to support their team?!?!?!? SWEET JESUS. And don't tell me it's not dangerous. If you have to go out of your way to say "Hey, don't wear a specific color because of the gangs", you're in a danger zone. The teams are going to be fine. They'll have enough protection and support to actually invade and conquer Brazil if they so choose. But what about Delco Danny who just spent his last Barnaby's barbacking check on a fake passport to never miss an Eagles "Home Opener" in person? You think that guy has a chance in his Kelly Green 9" Nick Foles tshirt against Brazilian Gang Warlords? Actually, depending on how many pills he sneaks out of Aston thru customs, maybe. But the point remains. If what Josh Jacobs is saying has any truth to the matter, it's really, really, REALLY fucked up. 

And to repeat, this Friday night South American Goodell greedfest is the Eagles official HOME OPENER. Thanks a lot, Rog! 


PS - Here's some more transparency about the Jacobs' wording from an Eagles Brazilian Twitter account, that actually and beautifully exists. Makes a little more sense, but still, be careful out there, Birds fans. Just try and bleed Green in South America, not red.