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More Than 2 Hours Before Tipoff, The Boston Garden Already Looks And Sounds Like It's Ready To Explode

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

By now, every Celts fan on the planet has easily lost their mind. This entire countdown until tipoff has been one of the most grueling experiences of the season, and as of the writing of this blog we're still a few hours away. Absolutely brutal. This fanbase, this city, we're all ready for this to get started. From October until now, this moment is what everything's been about. It feels as though we're all ready to explode. 

You know how I know that? Just listen to these beautiful people outside of the Garden right now

Giphy Images.

Goosebumps. Shit, my goosebumps have goosebumps. You can hear that shit from Worcester for crying out loud and there are still 2 hours to go. Safe to say the energy is going to be there at the Garden, and it goes without saying what a fast start will do for this team and this game. The Garden is going to explode. There's a reason this is the toughest building to win in this season in the NBA. 

An NBA best 43-6 at home including the playoffs, that's not an accident. This is a moment and a crowd that is begging this team to give them a reason to explode and impact the game. Deep down in places we don't talk about, everyone's fear is the classic 2-13 start from previous big home playoff games. That always exists with a jump shooting team. But if you lock in, get out in transition, and let the crowd in early, that's when the tidal wave happens. Then the Jays make their threes, Derrick hits a pullup and then you get the pick and pop KP 3PM. That's what we need.

Let this video also serve as a true look at how this crowd feels/sounds tonight. Why? Because we know ESPN is going to fuck with the crowd mixing. It's been that way all playoffs. I remember people tweeting me the Celts crowd was dead in Game 5 vs CLE which was confusing to me because I was in that crowd and it was very much not dead. Then I compared it to what we saw on TV vs IND and I could see why people thought that. Here's to hoping their crowd mixing will be better, but we know it won't. Who could forget the time we could actively hear ESPN turn the crowd noise down during live play last series. 

Either way, just get me to 8:37pm already.