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Problem Solved: The Dolphins Are Doing Team Meetings At Times That End In '24' To Remind Everyone It's Been 24 Years Since They Won A Playoff Game

Fuck yes, Mike McDaniel. This is a page out of the Dan Campbell pagebook. This is how you embrace football guy. Football guys do weird shit, like burying the football from a game or the tape. It's all about tricking your players that the bad juju is gone. Here's my thing. Lean all the way into 24. Make your team watch every season of 24 on repeat. Make the Dolphins show up wearing their favorite 24 jersey - Griffey should be the pick here. You can't just schedule meetings on times that end to remind everyone, you gotta go balls to the wall to stop a losing streak. 

This does suck for normal people though. When we have meetings in the real world it's always something that makes sense. Meeting at 2pm or something like that. It's the top of the hour or bottom of the hour, nothing else. Having to remember at like 3:21 you gotta get to a meeting just doesn't feel right. Speaking of meetings, for anyone in the cubes, just keep refusing the Friday afternoon ones. That's some sort of mental warfare they are trying on you. No one wants to do a Friday afternoon meeting in the cubes, you can skip those. 

I get that everyone in sports, especially football, is weird about this sort of shit. But you can't publicize it this early. The Dolphins are asking to get made fun of for this when they choke again, somehow, someway late in the year. I can't wait to see the first person set a clock to like 4:25 for them. Problem solved though. The Dolphins now know how much they've sucked in the playoffs. History doesn't mean anything anymore thanks to clocks.