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HOLD THE LINE: Roaring Kitty Has Scheduled His First Livestream In Years For Tomorrow Afternoon And $GME/GameStop Is SURGING

I've been keeping up on the recent GameStop stuff, mainly because I'm holding .000001% of his $200 million position in $GME and I want to see the retail traders win. When I say this may be the most viewed livestream of all time, I don't think I'm exaggerating. There's already close to TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE waiting in the stream room and it doesn't start for another 24 hours. 

This also comes amidst news that that the SEC -might- be looking into him for market manipulation. Oh and by the way, $GME is up 25% today and has been surging since the announcement of the livestream. And he's not fucking leaving:

Estimations are now that the GOAT retail trader has a net worth of $400 million, which is a far cry from his $50,000 investment back during the 2021 gold rush. What else are you supposed to do when the guy tweets an uno reverse card?

Imagine the thrill it must be to be this guy too. You can just tweet a single meme or quietly post a livestream on your YouTube account and all of a sudden it's the #1 trend on Twitter in minutes. There's a lot of talk about "aura" these days due to kids on TikTok figuring it out and overusing the word, but there genuinely may be very few people with more aura and the ability to put asses in seats than Roaring Kitty. It's unbelievable. 

Now all we can do is wait. Friday news dump now becomes must watch appointment television at noon to see his first response since the allegations of the SEC investigation. People are wondering if Roaring Kitty has his fast ball, and I'd take a responsible wager every single time that he hasn't lost a step.


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