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At Age 53, Padma Lakshmi is Embracing Her Increased Cup Size With a Grace and Elegance That is Inspiring

It doesn't often seem like it, but in the course of human events, four years can be an awfully long time. That period of time is a presidential administration. It's an Olympiad. It's a high school and a college career. I listened to a British podcast series about D-Day, and they pointed out that it was four years between the totally demoralizing evacuation from Dunkirk and the successful, world-changing (though costly) triumph at Normandy. 

And four years can be a long time in the life of America's most revered TV cooking competition host. In 2020, Padma Lakshmi was just a youthful, wide-eyed kid turning 50. Only a few years removed from her elaborate mating dance with Rob Gronkowski, flirting over their mutual love for big, thick, meaty, Polish sausages:

And a lot has changed for Padma since then. Or to be more specific, two things have:

Source - The 53-year-old Top Chef veteran was showing off her incredible figure in the new ads that were released to on Thursday along with an interview about what makes her feel sexy.

'I’ve always wanted to do a lingerie line,' the TV star - who talked about her 'sexual peak' recently - shared. 'I’ve spent a lot of my modeling life wearing different types of lingerie, and it’s hard to find something that’s comfortable but still pretty, she added after going from a 34C bra size to 36DD.

The former Vogue model said she thought it would be a good opportunity to do this with Bare Necessities because she can serve 'a variety of customers' of all body types.

Lakshmi said that bras in larger cup sizes were not always attractive in the past, but hers are prettier. …

And she wants voluptuous women to feel safe.

'I hope that everybody enjoys the lingerie, but I designed it for women who might be a little more well-endowed,' she noted. …

Turns out there is more of Padma to love. 

'As I’ve aged, I’ve needed more support; my breasts have gotten bigger, and my hips have gotten curvier,' said the siren.

Maybe I'm just speaking as someone who has a few years on Padma, but I honestly believe her message is one that can inspire hope in all of us. Young and old. Voluptuous or thin. Well-endowed or not. Curvier or straighter. 

The important takeaway is to stay confident in yourself. Even if going from 50 to 53 1/2 enhances your body parts and makes you all the more attractive, don't get discouraged. Understand that increasing your physical beauty is not a curse. That you can deal with being more sexually desirable as you age. In fact, you might even learn to enjoy the fact your looks have improved:



And as grateful as I am for all of us to be receiving this inspiration, I'm even happier for Padma Lakshmi that she's found a way to embrace change as she goes from 34Cs to 36DDs. 

Not everyone is so accepting of becoming sexier and more alluring as they age. Truly, this is a lesson we all need to take to heart. 

Best wishes on your new business endeavor (as Gronk gets to call you), Baby. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.