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White Sox Fans Literally Have Nothing Going For Them So They Are Rallying Together To #VoteMaldy And Get Their Catcher Who Is Hitting .076 Into The All Star Game And I Respect That

You're probably aware that the Chicago White Sox are awful. I mean complete dog water. They are by far the worst team in the country and possibly would be the worst team in the B1G. They're that bad. Losers of a franchise record 14 games in a row, have a record of 15-47, are already 26 games back, have an awful farm system and are openly shopping their best players while their owner is flirting publicly with moving the team to Nashville. A run differential of -140 is pretty incredible too, just an all-time bad team and awful vibes over there at Guaranteed Rate Field. Their poor, poor fans have literally nothing to look forward to except one lone player representing the White Sox in Texas for the All-Star Game this summer and if it were up to the fans it would be their catcher Martin Maldonado. 

Yes, the same Martin Maldonado who is batting .076 on the year, complete with a cool 7 hits, 1 home run, 4 RBI, an OBP of .124. That is who fans are rallying around to try and get into the All-Star Game and I respect the hell out of that move. 

I've been a fan of some bad teams where the season is over by May so you have to make your own fun and that is exactly what the White Sox fans are doing. 

#VoteMaldy is the hottest hashtag in baseball and the fans are using it to spread the word to get Maldonado into the All-Star Game. I truly hope it makes waves because how incredibly funny would it be to see guys like Gunnar Henderson, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge, Kyle Tucker, Jose Ramirez......and Martin Maldonado all standing side by side. Mr. 076 trotting out there as dozens of White Sox fans applaud from their couches. 

Sure there are catchers who have MUCH better stats. Adley Rutschman is killing the ball this year, Salvy Perez in KC has found the fountain of youth and deserves a spot behind Adley....but there is something appealing about a guy who couldn't hit his way out of a paper bag on the worst team in the last 50 years starting in an All-Star Game. It's fun, it's an exhibition, and when you leave the starters up to the fan vote they will always find a way to have some fun with it. Get ready for a ton of Maldy votes to fly in because it would be absolutely hilarious if he did end up getting a starting spot in Texas.

Now the question is, if he does get voted in, will the grinches at MLB step in and not allow a guy batting under .100 to start an All-Star Game? Guess we'll have to see. Until then, #VoteMaldy.