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Is Jon Hamm In Love With Kristen Wiig?!

I'm so obsessed with these Actors on Actors videos Variety does, especially when they get two people together who have worked on a cult classic like this. Jon Hamm's character in Bridesmaids was so fucking funny, and he and Kristen had great chemistry. So much chemistry that...after watching this video of Jon talking about the first time he met Kristen and all of the respect he has for her...makes me think he might be in love with her?? Am I alone in this? He speaks of her so highly, and apart from it just being a sweet sentiment, I can tell there's real friendship there at the very least. I also love how Kristen is like "oh what, I barely remember meeting you." Flex queen!!!

Still don't believe me? How about this clip, where Jon Hamm slips up and says "we've kissed on camera, right?" 

To me, this implies that he's certain they've kissed, but not sure if it was for a movie....OR REAL LIFE?? What are we dancing around here? I'm in the camp of people that believe costars sometimes do fool around/date casually/hang out in a flirty way, but I'm convinced these two might have taken things to uncharted waters at some point. Just a hunch!!!!! 

Here's the full video, it's a great watch. Even the thumbnail is sensual!!!! I ship.